About us

    MAGAZZINI PIANTE is a young and dynamic nursery situated in Pistoia's countryside.
    Our roots came from generation to generation and our passion is still alive in our work nowadays.
    It was started up in the '70s, when Graziano and Ottavio, father and grandfather of the present partners Maurizio and Giacomo, started in their fields the cultivation of ornamental plants, replacing the traditional production of wheat and grapes.
    In 1987 Maurizio took up the nursery direction, with production of medium and big trees destined to the local market.
    MAGAZZINI PIANTE was established in 2007, with Giacomo's arrival in the company.
    In 2008, thanks to the collaboration with Bruno Micheli, IDEALPIANTE was set up a company dealing in the field of nursery products trade, throughout Europe and Extra European countries.
    Today we are looking towards the future with a wide production of ornamental plants in container and in the field, shrubs, shaped plants, standard and specimens, suitable for any kind of climate.
    New productive necessities arose from the market expansion, and today, with investments in new installations and productions we are able to reply to the whole national market, oriented more and more to foreign markets.
    Thanks to the experience and professionalism acquired by our staff and to the collaboration with important firms in transport, make us able to deliver in any part of the world.
    We can also provide services of garden and park projection.
    Processes, actions and collaborations were also taken on to valorize the product and to reduce the sector criticalities:

• The integrated sector process Vivaismo per l'ambiente (Nursery sector for the environment), whose MAGAZZINI PIANTE is the leader;
• A collaboration project with the University of Florence about the evaluation of environmental effects of nursery activity and an analysis about product life cycle;
• The realization of a path which led to the certification UNI EN ISO 14001 and the regulations EMAS.

We have the pleasure to invite you to our nursery to show you the quality of our products.
Maurizio e Giacomo Magazzini.